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Application Instructions

Decal application instructions (Dry Method)

1. Make sure that the surface that you will be applying the decal onto is clean and completely dry.

2. Using either a squeegee or credit card rub over the clear transfer tape to ensure decal will transfer.

3. Turn the decal over and peel away the backing paper (wax-like-paper). Make sure the design stays on the 

transfer tape and does not stick to the backing paper. Re-apply the backing paper so that an inch or two of transfer 
tape exposed on the top. Align the decal so that it is in the exact location you would like it on the glass.

4. Use a credit card, burnisher, or another object with a smooth edge to apply the design. Do not let the bottom of decal 
touch the surface prematurely. Use overlapping strokes to apply starting at the top center and working down and 
toward each edge. Once applied rub over the surface of the entire decal with a credit card to 

ensure application.

5. Remove transfer tape by carefully pulling at an 180 angle. If the design begins to pull up with the transfer 
tape, it has not been applied firmly enough. Using your squeegee (burnisher), go over the design again with firm 
overlapping strokes then once again attempt to remove the transfer tape. Do not pull out when removing the 

transfer tape. Pull directly down or directly up.

Sometimes there are small bubbles in the decal. The bubbles will leave by themselves 
within a few weeks. If you have any large bubbles, you can eliminate them by carefully heating the area with a hair 
dryer or heat gun, and then puncture them with a needle and applying pressure with your thumb.

NOTE: You can do more damage than good by chasing the smaller bubbles. They will leave by themselves as the 
vinyl breathes and the application fluid evaporates.


 Installation (Wet Method)

Prior to installation, be sure to use the following tools:

1 - Squeegee or firm credit card

2 - Knife or sharp razor blade

3- Application Fluid consisting of a water and soap solution. Fill as spray bottle with water and add a few drops of 
liquid hand soap (not dishwashing liquid.) Add one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.

It is also recommended you use 3/4” masking tape for properly placing and installing your graphics.

Placement of Graphics

1. Tape the graphic onto the side of your vehicle to determine exactly where you want the graphic installed.

2. Apply a strip of tape vertically through the center of each component and lightly tape each end of the graphic 
panel to the vehicle.

3. Remove the positioning tape on either side of the center hinge from the graphic
and peel the liner paper away from this portion of the graphic.

Lightly tape the graphic to the vehicle surface.

4. Temporarily secure the end of the graphic to the vehicle surface
and cut the backing paper off near the center hinge using a sharp knife blade.

5. Wet the vehicle surface with your mix of soap and water.

6. Lay the graphic onto the wet application surface
and firmly squeegee the graphic using short, overlapping strokes.

7. Remove the tape hinge from the center of the graphic.

Remove the remaining backing paper and spray the water and soap solution on the vehicle surface.

8. Squeegee the remaining half of the panel onto the vehicle using the same method as outlined in step 6.

9. If the graphic has a paper pre-mask covering it, thoroughly wet the surface
of the masking with the application solution and wait a minute or two.

The liquid will help break down the masking’s adhesive.

10. With the adhesive weakened, is will be easier to remove the masking
by pulling the masking away from the application surface at an 180-degreeangle.

If the pre-mask is plastic, carefully pull it away from the application surface at an 180-degree angle.

11. Gently wipe away any remaining application fluid and carefully examine the graphic
to make sure, no bubbles remain under the surface of the graphic.

12. If any small bubbles appear during installation, they can be easily removed by pricking the base of the bubble

with the knife blade and squeezing any trapped solution out with the tip of your finger.


The Hinged method.Use this method for small or large decals to get your decal

perfectly straight before installing it to your Car, Door, Window Etc. 




  Installation Tips & Tricks for decals that are sticking to the backing

and that may have got wrinkled during shipping Etc.